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Why I started this blog

 I am Noora Jessica, a British expat living in Dubai. 

First time I had ever seen how to make real coconut shavings!

First time I had ever seen how to make real coconut shavings!

My life:

I find that writing a blog is a cathartic process, and over the last few months I have edited and replaced certain aspects of the site. Ultimately, I want to write about anything and everything with an emphasis on understanding and respecting others opinions and choices. 

I am not overtly religious, but I do place a lot of emphasis on my spirituality. I am career oriented, but I care about my family as much as anyone else. I like make up, but I don’t watch tutorials or buy expensive products. Sometimes I wear a head scarf, sometimes I don’t. I admire those who are fully confident in discussing their faith (whatever faith they come from) but I don’t feel I am 100% ready in all aspects of mine.  I am serious about equality. I love to travel and explore new food and places. I like people who can make fun of themselves. 

The name:

I decided on the name morethanhijab after researching the many blogs on the net for young Muslims or those interested in religion. I found that most, if not all, had an article or discussion about hijab and the right or wrong way to go about correct head scarf or covering. I found vloggers, tweeters, facebookers, instagramers, many giving tutorials and guides. I found lectures on Islamic webpages on the virtues of hijab. I found aggressive comments from unknown users below stories of those who decline to wear head scarves, or did not appear openly “Muslim”.  I found such a shocking array of negativity and judgement towards women as a whole, and what was worse was that much of it was from other Muslim women.  My aim with this site was to look at issues with an open mind and from an array of angles. This site is not an Islamic site but it will touch on issues and experiences that I have had, as revert and prior to this. 

Lastly, after recent feedback about my views I would like to clarify one point. I am not against hijab (as it is meant to be interpreted as a barrier/curtain) and I am aware of its status in Islam both for  men and for women. However, I am against people passing judgement on each other on this matter or on other personal issues. 

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6 thoughts on “Why I started this blog

  1. Hello there,

    As a token of appreciation for your awesome blog, I have nominated you for an award. The link is given below:

    Take care!

  2. I completely agree! The world doesn’t end at Hijab (and other rituals). Islam is about attaining values, and these rituals help some of us in attaining these. However, to constantly argue about the form is to miserably lose at seeing the bigger picture, in my honest opinion.

    • Hi! I am with you on all of that. Its just been over-discussed now and most people don’t even acknowledge the true meaning itself. I always think, if you’ve got time to look at my headscarf then you’re not busy enough!

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