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Finding Common Ground Part 9 – From Cornwall to Cairo

This weeks FCG blogger is Rachel from ‘Cornwall to Cairo’ – I was contacted by her recently and I was intrigued by her situation, especially as some of the frustrations she is currently going through are things that I have also battled with. While she persists and tries to overcome UK Immigration laws in order to be with her husband, I have chosen not to fight that battle and to have a central base from Dubai for now. She also explains the current laws on her blog for any of you who are interested in learning more about this.  If you have had similar experiences or would like to comment, please share below in the comment section.


Rachel and her husband on their wedding day

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Finding Common Ground Part 8 Continued….



Q1. As a new Muslim what is the thing you like most about your faith and what is the thing you struggle most with?

 As a new Muslim I find the learning process to be the best part of my faith. Every little thing I learn has such a positive impact on my life and how I think about things; I can’t help but smile knowing every day that I made this choice and Allah chose me to be Muslim. I’ve also found that my self-esteem has went up a great deal since my conversion and I feel proud to show people and tell people that I am Muslim. Continue reading

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Blog of the day – The Indian Homemaker

Yes, I know – I have posted this blog on my page before and it is also featured in my inspired section – but I really love The Indian Homemaker!

Her posts are relevant, interesting, witty and emotive. She blogs about a huge range of issues that impact the modern woman, with a particular focus on cultural/traditional issues in India.