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Blog of the Day – adventures of a Sufi girl

I haven’t posted much recently as for some reason I have been feeling particularly uninspired. I have been following this blog for a while and today when I went online and saw the recent posts,  I immediately felt inspired by the beautiful words. I really admire the author of this beautiful blog and I hope to see more from her. 


Finding Common Ground Part 8 Continued….



Q1. As a new Muslim what is the thing you like most about your faith and what is the thing you struggle most with?

 As a new Muslim I find the learning process to be the best part of my faith. Every little thing I learn has such a positive impact on my life and how I think about things; I can’t help but smile knowing every day that I made this choice and Allah chose me to be Muslim. I’ve also found that my self-esteem has went up a great deal since my conversion and I feel proud to show people and tell people that I am Muslim. Continue reading


Finding Common Ground Part 5 – with Hannah from “Converts Confessions”

Hot on the heels of my interview with Tasnia from “Muslimah’s pockets full of sunshine blog” ,  I have another treat in store for you! Hannah from “Converts Confessions” has been kind enough to answer my questions on how she balances life as a career woman and a revert Muslimah in the USA. You can read her full bio and witty blog here . I love her posts on funny questions she has been asked about Islam- we have all been there and can definitely relate to what she writes about. Enjoy the interview! Continue reading

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Salaam to all my lovely readers. I have taken advantage of this quiet Ramadan period to revamp my blog a little with a new theme. I hope its easier to navigate now and that you all like it – all feedback welcome of course!

As always I am looking for a wide range of women to feature in my “Finding Common ground” series. Continue reading