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‘Glow’ by Claudia Noor

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Finding Common Ground Part 9 – From Cornwall to Cairo

This weeks FCG blogger is Rachel from ‘Cornwall to Cairo’ – I was contacted by her recently and I was intrigued by her situation, especially as some of the frustrations she is currently going through are things that I have also battled with. While she persists and tries to overcome UK Immigration laws in order to be with her husband, I have chosen not to fight that battle and to have a central base from Dubai for now. She also explains the current laws on her blog for any of you who are interested in learning more about this.  If you have had similar experiences or would like to comment, please share below in the comment section.


Rachel and her husband on their wedding day

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Celebrate a better world?

Very interesting thoughts from a new found blogger friend! Always interesting to hear from people of other faiths how they react around Ramadan and other Muslim festivals.

Turkish Delight Bazaar


Today Turkey and other Muslim countries are celebrating the last day of Ramazan Bayramı. Even though I’m not a Muslim, and I am not even living in a Muslim country at the moment, somehow I’ve felt the spirit of Bayram since the arife, the eve of the holiday and the last day of Ramadan. I’ve turned on my holiday mood and I… even prepared cookies. My inner self has been wearing her best bib and tucker and was kind of surprised to see people going to work, acting normally on Monday morning … as I was expecting to see them celebrating. I felt like it was Christmas! I felt happy that it was someone else’s “Christmas”. Even though the “basic” reasons of celebrating Christmas, Ramazan Bayramı or other religious feasts are different, we cannot deny their common message: be human, love others. So why not to celebrate humanity with others? I can…

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Blog cleansing

Having had a bit of an uninspired break during the Summer holidays, I decided to have a little blog spring clean! Have a look at my updated pages below:

Social media and external links to work that I have done

What inspires me 

Why I started this blog

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mixed race meme


Career woman vs Stay at home mum

Emasculation – Literally meaning “to castrate” but informally meaning “to put down/to weaken”

In my self imposed convalescence (yes, I have taken full advantage of pregnancy!) I have had a lot of time to reflect on my relationship with my husband and our future plans. With my child due in about 2 months time, I have found myself contemplating on the development of my life – physically, emotionally and spiritually – more frequently. A reoccurring thought kept popping back to me; a year ago I had a high flying career, I traveled 75% of the time, I was financially more secure and I had a lot of fun whilst doing it.  But now, when I am not working at all, have much less disposable income, worries about my work/life balance after my baby is born and a lot more responsibility on the way – why am I happier

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From Bangladesh, from Beautiful Dhaka, Jamalpur, and Jussore.

The amazing Shaikha strikes again with more beautiful content. You only need it have a glimpse of her page to be hooked on her thought provoking videos, delicious recipes and scenes from Dubai. Highly recommend this incredibly talented lady.

when shaikha cooks

The video above captures a stitched glimpse of our encounters in Bangladesh. Just a glimpse. I never knew I’d say this, but Bangladesh you make me feel at home. 


The past week we’ve been waking up from dawn, setting up for travel by 6:00 and traveling all around Bangladesh for charity, photography, you name it.  A cocktail of events. I was invited by a dear friend to the family to join alongside my brother for a week of charity work in Bangladesh.


 IMG_1919It included things like giving out meat to orphanages, visiting hospitals that were giving free of charge open heart operation on behalf of the organisation we are with. We had the honour of meeting orphans that had memorised the entire Quran MashaAllah, and my favourite part, was witnessing the marriage aid of 20 couples in Jussore. It was Beyond Beautiful. 


We stayed in Dhaka, and went by…

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This 27 year old woman could not be forcibly married off or silenced or shamed.

The Life and Times of an Indian Homemaker

I see this news as a positive story.

The young woman had a job. She valued her self reliance and was in a position to refuse to give up a job that her brother (and I am sure many others) did not consider ‘suitable’ for her.

And she was in a position to refuse to submit to a semi-forced marriage.


One Question: Do you think we need a law that bans Forced or Semi Forced Marriages? And another that makes seeking opportunities for Self Reliance a legal  right…  but since that is a fundamental right, maybe a law that  legally forbids preventing other adults from seeking lawful opportunities to make themselves self reliant.

Because, what use are the rights to Equality or Freedom without the power to fight for them? And that power can only come from Self Reliance.

What if this brother had not done something as obviously unacceptable as…

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