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What inspires me



Inspiration for today


Reality of being a woman in India from the Indian Homemaker here

A regular Indian Girl and the Wandering Storyteller – tales from modern Indian women here

Life for an American revert in KSA here

Aisha’s Oasis– Refreshingly open blog about “starting over” in a new country with a new husband and a new religion. Sister Aisha inspires all of us to grab life with both hands! See my recent interview with Aisha here

The Small Town Girl gives us a glimpse of life through her lens, covering a huge range of topical issues. 

Food and Dubai life:

Love this bf/gf duo and their excellent foodie posts from Dubai on

Previously my blog of the day, but going full time on my inspiration page the fabulous Shaikha from – you must check out her amazing film making skills on her youtube page too.

I have made a few recipes from and all have been great – not down to me I might add, more to the simplicity and style of the recipes that Preeti provides.

Inspiring photography and recipes from Cooking Without Limits

Simple and ‘fuss free” vegetarian cooking with Ritu

One of Dubai’s mot well known bloggers, has earned that for a reason!

To quote from the page itself  ‘sizzling up hole-in-the-wall ethnic eats of old Dubai’ iliveinafryingpan is one of the most visually stimulating food blogs, along with its sister page fryingpanadventures for Dubai food tours.

I love this blog and anyone who has lived in Dubai for a good amount of time will certainly be able to relate to it – check out MrsDubai

Another blogger who looks at Dubai life – the good, the bad and the ugly – Circles in the Sand


Nouman Ali Khan for motivation, information and clarification on Islamic issues here

Quran weekly for Islamic history (especially the Superstar Series) here 

New Muslims hereThis was the first page I looked at after deciding to learn more about Islam. It lays out simply and clearly the fundamentals and quizzes you at the end of each section. I powered through this as I found it so interested. Many websites and books for new Muslims can be overwhelming so this was a breath of fresh air.

Sarita Agerman is one of the most interesting women, Muslim or Non, that I have found on the net. She covered a huge range of issues on her page and is an advocate for inter-faith which is so refreshing to see. She has loads of useful advice/tips/links on her page on all sorts of things.


Hayati magazine for fashion and lifestyle tips here.

Aquila Style for news updates and links to regularly updated items relating to the modern Muslim woman.

Psychologytoday for up to date links and interesting articles on mental health and cultural differences. for tips for families and relationships from an Islamic viewpoint.

Lulu bag – Gorgeous hijabs and perfect gift ideas! Contact Sister Nina for more details and see my interview with her here

 The Muslimah Mommy – Down to earth advice on how to achieve your aims as an modern Muslim parent. Contact Sister Sumaira for more details and see my recent interview with Sister Sumaira here

Eschew labels. Be Muslims. That's all.






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