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Career woman vs Stay at home mum

Emasculation – Literally meaning “to castrate” but informally meaning “to put down/to weaken”

In my self imposed convalescence (yes, I have taken full advantage of pregnancy!) I have had a lot of time to reflect on my relationship with my husband and our future plans. With my child due in about 2 months time, I have found myself contemplating on the development of my life – physically, emotionally and spiritually – more frequently. A reoccurring thought kept popping back to me; a year ago I had a high flying career, I traveled 75% of the time, I was financially more secure and I had a lot of fun whilst doing it.  But now, when I am not working at all, have much less disposable income, worries about my work/life balance after my baby is born and a lot more responsibility on the way – why am I happier

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Misconceptions Series Part 2 – Dowry

Following on from my first post in this series on FGM and its status in Islam, today I am writing about another widely misunderstood and extremely misused practice. Dowry. When I say dowry, for the most part those of us from western countries or those who are not familiar with the practice,  automatically think of young Asian girls packed off into unhappy forced marriages with greedy parents in law. In some instances, this may be accurate. But not all. The dowry system affects many millions of families from all walks of life and across borders.  But what exactly is dowry? and what does Islam have to say about this?  Continue reading


For new Muslims – family, friends and relationships


I was recently contacted by a sister who is struggling to find her place in society as a new Muslim. I gave the below advice to her and then thought I wold share it on here for anyone in the same situation. It is important to remember that not only new Muslims go through this; I also know many born Muslims who have a lack of confidence in their faith, and I myself continue to go through so many ups and downs.

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Arranged marriage experiences and thoughts – what are yours? Contact me!

Reblogging this! Please have a look – if you have any thoughts/experiences/feedback please do get in touch. All comments will be anonymous if you wish, JAK Noora x

more than hijab

Following on from a rather interesting conversation with one of my family today, I am putting together a piece on arranged marriage. Having lookedinto the opinions of those people from specific nationalities or races I gathered that many westerners view ‘arranged marriage” as being the same as “forced marriage’ whereas those of you from Asian or Arab countries may have a completely different perspective. I would like to ask any of you to come forward (anonymously if you prefer) and let me know your thoughts on these practices – whether for or against and reasons behind your opinions. Please be as honest as you like, but of course please be constructive in your feedback – it would be much appreciated. 

Please drop me an email at or comment below. Image

JAK, Noora x

 Photo = my wedding, Sri Lanka, April 2013

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