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Misconceptions Series Part 2 – Dowry

Following on from my first post in this series on FGM and its status in Islam, today I am writing about another widely misunderstood and extremely misused practice. Dowry. When I say dowry, for the most part those of us from western countries or those who are not familiar with the practice,  automatically think of young Asian girls packed off into unhappy forced marriages with greedy parents in law. In some instances, this may be accurate. But not all. The dowry system affects many millions of families from all walks of life and across borders.  But what exactly is dowry? and what does Islam have to say about this?  Continue reading


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Misconceptions Series Part 1 – FGM

Welcome to my new Misconceptions series. Here I will aim to clarify the points that most non-Muslims (and some Muslims!) have issues with or have doubts about. Most of the items discussed here will be things which have been perpetrated as “Islamic” but in fact have no Islamic ruling and are actually cultural traditions.

I thought I would start off my Misconceptions series with a very sensitive topic worldwide – FGM. Continue reading