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Finding Common Ground Part 9 – From Cornwall to Cairo

This weeks FCG blogger is Rachel from ‘Cornwall to Cairo’ – I was contacted by her recently and I was intrigued by her situation, especially as some of the frustrations she is currently going through are things that I have also battled with. While she persists and tries to overcome UK Immigration laws in order to be with her husband, I have chosen not to fight that battle and to have a central base from Dubai for now. She also explains the current laws on her blog for any of you who are interested in learning more about this.  If you have had similar experiences or would like to comment, please share below in the comment section.


Rachel and her husband on their wedding day

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Finding Common Ground Part 8 Continued….



Q1. As a new Muslim what is the thing you like most about your faith and what is the thing you struggle most with?

 As a new Muslim I find the learning process to be the best part of my faith. Every little thing I learn has such a positive impact on my life and how I think about things; I can’t help but smile knowing every day that I made this choice and Allah chose me to be Muslim. I’ve also found that my self-esteem has went up a great deal since my conversion and I feel proud to show people and tell people that I am Muslim. Continue reading

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Finding Common Ground Part 8 with a mid-western revert Muslimah

I’m starting Part 8 off with a bio on today’s Muslimah – here, in her own words, she tells us a little about herself and how she came to Islam. More to come from her tomorrow!

Salaam Alaykum!

I’ve honestly never written my whole story or even really shared it with anyone because I never thought I, of all people, could be helpful to someone contemplating reverting/converting to Islam. Recently, however, I’ve found myself feeling more open and wanting to help anyone I could. Perhaps this feeling is coming from the blessed month of Ramadan or a simple realization that if I could touch even one person’s life, that’s all I’ve ever really wanted to do. Continue reading


Finding Common Ground Part 7 – Highs and Lows with an Aussie Muslimah

Today I would like to share an interview from a very interesting and honest Muslimah from Australia. She has had her ups and downs throughout the last 10 years since her conversion – from not practicing, to the converts “high”, to divorce and re-marriage.

Personally, I don’t believe there is a single revert out there who hasn’t at some point doubted their decision or faltered in some way. Thank you to the sister who shared this story; inshAllah it will remind others, both born and revert Muslims, that it is OK not to be OK with your conversion. 


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Finding Common Ground Part 6 – From Iraq to Islam

A rather unusual story was sent my way when I was contacted by a revert sister named Kristin. Formerly of the US Army and a revert to Islam, she was keen to tell her story of a  Muslimah ‘out of place’.  Read her bio and learn more about her story through her interview.

I was born and raised as a Christian. When I was 21 I joined the Army, and at 23 they sent me to Iraq. It was during my deployment that I was first introduced to Islam. From the minute that I heard the Adhan over the loud speaker I was fascinated. Continue reading


Finding Common Ground Part 5 – with Hannah from “Converts Confessions”

Hot on the heels of my interview with Tasnia from “Muslimah’s pockets full of sunshine blog” ,  I have another treat in store for you! Hannah from “Converts Confessions” has been kind enough to answer my questions on how she balances life as a career woman and a revert Muslimah in the USA. You can read her full bio and witty blog here . I love her posts on funny questions she has been asked about Islam- we have all been there and can definitely relate to what she writes about. Enjoy the interview! Continue reading