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Blog of the Day – adventures of a Sufi girl

I haven’t posted much recently as for some reason I have been feeling particularly uninspired. I have been following this blog for a while and today when I went online and saw the recent posts,  I immediately felt inspired by the beautiful words. I really admire the author of this beautiful blog and I hope to see more from her. 


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On top of Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

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See below a few pics of things I like – people, places and food!

Kollam, Kerala, India

Kollam, Kerala, India



Sblended Milkshakes, Dubai Mall

The Bosphorus, Istanbul, Turkey

The Bosphorus, Istanbul, Turkey





Blog of the day (well two actually)

I am a huge advocate for women’s rights, especially in traditional communities, hence why I love these two blogs – today’s blog of the day is A Regular Indian Girl but I have added another blog to today’s favourites simply because this one was recommended to me by said Regular Indian Girl and I loved it! The Wandering Story Teller and  The Regular Indian Girl address issues head on, so be prepared for modern feminism with  cultural issues thrown in. If you want to hear from well spoken, frank and interesting women then I highly recommend these two bloggers. 

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Blog of the day – The Indian Homemaker

Yes, I know – I have posted this blog on my page before and it is also featured in my inspired section – but I really love The Indian Homemaker!

Her posts are relevant, interesting, witty and emotive. She blogs about a huge range of issues that impact the modern woman, with a particular focus on cultural/traditional issues in India.

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Blog of the day – Dubai Diaries

I love this blog on a cabins crews life in Dubai. I have always been fascinated by how cabin crew adjust and feel about all the travel, time zones and cultural differences. See Emirates cabin crew member Rachel as she travels the world – her photos are great and I have already extended my list of places that I want to visit because of her travel updates! 

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First weeks recommended blogs

That’s the first week of my recommended blogs completed. To check out these blogs see the links below:

This Muslimah Cooks – Tasty home food and simple recipes. 

When Shaikha Cooks – Emirati recipes and videos showcased to its finest, as well as food reviews. – Emirati food movement making waves across the UAE and beyond. 

Zaramaysi – Pregnancy and Postpartum tips. 

chicken pie


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My recommended blog for the day – Zaramaysi

I love the honest nature of this blog – right down to the nitty gritty of pregnancy and postpartum. Zara puts down the side of motherhood that often doesn’t get shared – the good, the bad and the ugly. I love her humorous style and how she has managed to stay strong through a whole range of issues. Check out her blog here.