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Racial Stereotypes “Where are you from” from

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Racial Stereotypes “Where are you from” from

Recommending the above link as I am sure most of us have experienced this before!

Funnily enough, despite being whiter than white I do experience my own fair share of racial profiling, both in the country where I live and in my husbands own country. After a recent trip abroad I went through immigration and was met with a sneer and a “where are you from”. Once I submitted my UK passport I was laughed at and told “maybe your passport says UK but you are NOT ‘from’ the UK” and with that my passport was chucked back at me. As I was walked away the staff were laughing and pointing saying “Pakistan, Pakistan”. The UK has a huge Asian population and many of them are third or fourth generation already. At what point will they be considered ‘from’ the UK?

In all honesty, my family are English through and through (except for a rather radical claim from my Dad that his great-great-great grandfather was African, a claim which I think he made up to sound more interesting!). I can only assume that this presumption was made because I was dressed in a salwar (my sister in law in Sri Lanka makes amazing clothes so why not take advantage of this!?) but the fact that anyone thought it necessary to question me on it was what really got me. The assumption that you cannot have a heritage or background from one country, but be born in or live in another, is a sad consequence of mass immigration. But for how long are we going to be reminded of this?

Next time….mixed race marriages and my story.



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