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jaisalmer, rajasthan: “i let my girls go…”

merry to go around

migrating some of my pages, to my posts. you might see content you’ve read before. bear with me for a bit.

jaisalmer, december 2007

i do not remember her name but i remember her story.

at a village on the outskirts of jaisalmer, a woman sat washing utensils at a community tap. along with her were many other women, all washing utensils and clothes. with her thick kajal, long red tikka and heavy silver jewellery she had me paying attention. i was drawn in and stopped to talk. “where did you get that payal from?” and then the usual questions followed. was she married? how many kids?

three kids, all boys, she said. but she’d had two deliveries before that and they were both girls. she had ‘let them go’. i didn’t understand, and pushed for more. she went on… there is no life for girls, too much money to get them married, no use to have girls, so i…

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Kollam, Kerala, India

Kollam, Kerala, India



Sblended Milkshakes, Dubai Mall

The Bosphorus, Istanbul, Turkey

The Bosphorus, Istanbul, Turkey





I am not just a Muslim – Reflections of a revert

How much does our religion define who we are? Recently I have found myself in situations where I have had to compromise my personal beliefs because of religious obligations or pressure. Should we blindly follow what we are told or expected to believe, or is there an allowance for self discovery and spiritual connections?

I am a woman
I am a wife
I am a daughter
I am a career oriented person
I am going to be a mother
I like to learn about other peoples beliefs
I love my family
I have better friendships with non-Muslims than with Muslims
I get on better with men than with women. They gossip less
I relate to Asian cultures more than the one I was born in to
I don’t fit the mold
I like to wear make up
I like to straighten my hair

But I am a Muslim. How many boxes must I tick to be accepted? And does it matter?


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Hindu or Muslim?

I got that tingly feeling when I read this line “From when did outer things like clothes and accessories define one’s religion instead of the thoughts in one’s hearts?” – amazing post from A Wandering Storyteller.

wandering story teller


Yesterday I got back home a bit later than my usual time since I have been flooded with a lot of work at the office. Waiting for an autorikshaw in an empty street at about 9.30 pm can be a bit scary so when I saw a familiar autowallah, I immediately convinced him to drop me home even though where he was headed was on the exact opposite route.

All the while in the auto he kept peeking and stealing occasional glances at me on his rear view mirror. Instinctively I asked him what was wrong. He replied that in the last few months that he had been picking and dropping me back home, he had a nagging doubt, but never did dare to clear it out.

Now curious I asked what it was that he was thinking about. The first thing that he asked me was if I was…

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