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Hijab: A Man’s Thoughts

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Inspiring and interesting piece from Hijab Takes:Unpinned yet again. So interesting to read from a brothers point of view. MashAllah, Noora xx

Hijab Tales: Unpinned


As a Muslim man, I don’t feel so much concerned with the hijab and whether someone chooses to wear it or not. Surprising? Not so much I think, let me tell you a bit of my story:

At the very beginning of my journey to Islam, I was naive: I thought that women wearing the hijab were good and righteous persons, without exceptions. Travelling and meeting lots of different Muslim women taught me I was a bit too much optimistic. I have seen directly or indirectly that women wearing the hijab could without any complex break the fundamental Islamic principles of being respectful, kind and compassionate… and I purposely omit those drinking alcohol or smoking. On the opposite, some of the people I appreciate the most and who I’m able to blindly trust don’t wear it, so….?

Partial conclusion: Wearing the hijab does not guarantee being a righteous person. Obvious…

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