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My views – in response to feedback and a JAK to Mr Hamad!

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Askm All

I am a great lover of feedback and constructive comments and I have been so lucky since starting this blog that I have had people from all walks of life coming back to me with their thoughts. I feel the need to clarify one point for any readers who may have felt that I am “anti-hijab” or that I am opposed to any mandatory Islamic points. I want to assure my readers that this is not the case and I will explain in more detail below. I am aware that as I may have readers whose first language is not English, that my views may at times be misinterpreted so please do not misunderstand me and InshAllah it will all be clear. I also want to add a JAK to Mr Hamad who contacted me regarding the reasons why I started this blog, and for bringing to my attention the way that my words may have been interpreted by others. Here goes:

Firstly, when I refer to hijab as it is commonly used on the many blogs and social media outlets to which I have referred, I am referring to correct use of head scarves. The point that I am making is this – if you search through the huge number of bloggers nowadays on facebook, youtube, wordpress etc you will find most Muslimah bloggers discussing hijab, as in head scarves and fashion. Most of them are doing videos on how to wear these, or doing make up tutorials etc; therefore, I started my blog to avoid any of those subjects as I am not interested in discussing what many others are already doing as there is already a strong market of women focusing on these points. As I said in my post, I feel that as modern Muslims we have other more important things to talk about. That is why I chose the name “more than hijab” – as in, we have other things to discuss, not as in I am against hijab, or that I don’t approve of what other bloggers are doing.
Secondly, whether or not someone chooses to wear hijab is their own choice. It is not for anyone to comment or judge, especially on a public outlet.  I mentioned the other aspects of our faith (in my “why I started this blog” section) to prove my point- that being, when people spend so much time criticizing others for their choice of head scarf/niqab/burka or no covering at all, why aren’t we focusing on our own lives and other areas which we would be better to spend more time on, as which I have mentioned. I am sure we have all come across the extreme levels of negativity on social media these days in general, which is why I wanted to discus other areas of faith/culture/religion and nationality in a non judgmental environment.
I am not against hijab (as it is meant to be interpreted as a barrier/curtain) and I am aware of its status in Islam both for  men and for women. However, I am against people passing judgement on each other. It is clear in our religion – only Allah (SWT) can judge.



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