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I picked up a new book yesterday at Kinokuniya in Dubai Mall and I could not wait to proclaim the many merits of this book for all the sisters out there! I haven’t been able to put it down and I am sure it will be finished by the time Juma starts (although I fear there will be no breakfast today!). 

“Bent Rib” by Huda Khattab is one of those books that makes you think…FINALLY! I saw that this is not the first edition, but as its my first reading of the book I can only say that this is a true must read for all the women out there who feel frustrated with the cultural interpretations of our religion, who feel that at times women’s rights are overlooked, and that we are destined for a life in the kitchen!

This book is so clear on all points and takes great care to explain, with excellent translations, what exactly the Quran assigned for us as women. Sister Khattab also points out some of the flaws in other modern English translations of the Holy Quran, some of which are very interesting; for example, if the word “have” is translated wrongly as “are” what the huge implications this can have on modern women are, as well as how the western media will understand, wrongly, leading to yet more anti-Islamic media. As a revert, I studied all Islamic points through English translations so this point was particularly interesting, and worrying, for me.

She discusses domestic violence, education, childcare, purdah, hijab and the relationship between husband and wife, among many other issues. 

Unlike some religious books, this doesn’t read like a lecture and would also be very interesting for non-Muslims to read in order to better understand our lifestyle, religion and culture in its true form. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I’ve always wanted to buy this book but never actually got to it. Sounds like it’s a great read. I’ll definitely try and get my hands on it soon!

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